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Maverick DV

220 / 240


We’ll keep you calm — and the fish very nervous. As with every Weldcraft, you always get more than you need: a boat that’s smooth, stable, predictable — just like the fish of your dreams. The 220/240 Maverick is designed to have everything — except competition — for one simple purpose: satisfying the buyer who wants, or needs, it all. Whether big families, extended camping trips, or endless hours of watching wakeboard wipeouts… the 220/240 Maverick is always at the ready. The look is rugged and bold. The performance, smooth and aggressive. The drive, totally exhilarating. From the well-appointed helm, you can power the 220/240 Maverick with single or twin outboard engines. It also accommodates a small trolling motor to please avid anglers. Passengers will enjoy sporty, deluxe new Captain’s seats featuring armrests on heavy-duty, adjustable pedestals. Multiple top options, including a full hardtop and gullwing center door, embody true year-round comfort. The bottom design offers an extra handling confidence, thanks to Weldcraft’s innovative reverse chine and integral, one-piece extended bottom outboard bracket.

Higher Sides = Higher Performance

You asked for it and Weldcraft delivered. Both the 220 and 240 Maverick DV provide even more freeboard than ever before. Now with taller, 39” sides, you can have even greater seaworthiness when the winds kick up and the waves start to build. You’ll also have increased security for children and pets on board.

The Columbia, Puget Sound, Coeur D’alene… Look Out!

Big water. Big boat. While everyone else is pushed to shore when the breeze comes up, your Maverick never wants to quit. The tall sides and deep entry vee allow for total comfort and security in rough waters. It’s the perfect choice for hardcore anglers who won’t let the weather get in their way.

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220 Maverick DV

Length: 7.31m /24’2″
Beam: 2.6 m / 102″

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240 Maverick DV

Length: 7.92m /26’2
Beam: 2.6 m / 102″

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We’ll keep you calm
— and the fish very nervous.

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