Yamaha Power

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Yamaha Outboard Power!

When you rig your boat with an outboard from Yamaha Outboard, you’re not just getting the best power available — you’re getting an experienced team of boating enthusiasts dedicated to taking care of you. No matter how you want to use your boat — cruising, tubing, skiing, fishing or just traveling from the dock to the nearest beach — everyone at Yamaha wants to ensure that each minute you spend on the water is full of fun.

Outboard Motors


The Faster, Smarter Four Stroke

MODELS – VF175 / VF150 / VF115
Imagine the performance of a V MAX SHO in an even more streamlined design. The I-4 V MAX SHO 175, 150 and 115 are viciously competitive, featuring superior tech packages that produce impressive hole shot, midrange acceleration and exhilarating top speed. And of course, their mix of four-stroke efficiency and two-stroke performance is a winning combination.

V6 V MAX SHO® 4.2 Liter Big Bore

The Game Changing Four Stroke Series

MODELS – VF250 / VF250x / VF225 / VF200
In the world of competitive bass fishing, the two stroke reigned supreme. That is, until Yamaha unleashed the four stroke V MAX SHO. Tournament after tournament, the hole shot on the V MAX SHO has put two strokes to shame. Add in its light weight, and its quiet, clean-burning, fuel-efficient four stroke power, and it’s one fierce competitor.

V8 F350 5.3 Liter Big Block

The Ultimate Offshore Four Stroke

MODEL – F350
The F350 has revolutionized offshore power. This powerhouse delivers the thrust, push and raw energy demanded by today’s larger offshore boats, and the legendary Yamaha reliability offshore boaters count on.

V6 4.2 Liter Big Block

The Next Generation of Offshore Four Strokes

MODELS – F300 / F250 / F225
Our next-gen Offshore V6 four strokes represent the absolute leading edge of high-performance outboard technology. Purpose-designed for offshore use, they feature 4.2 liters of class-leading displacement, are significantly lighter than their predecessors, feature incredible fuel efficiency, and of course, boast legendary Yamaha reliability.

V6 3.3L

The Legendary Four Stroke Series

MODELS – F250 / F225 / F200
For years, our 3.3L V6 four strokes have set the standard for high performance offshore power. They feature incredible displacement, amazing fuel efficiency and impressive acceleration, power-to-plane and top-end speed. Add in Yamaha’s legendary reliability, and they’re hard to beat.

In-Line Four

The Versatile I4 Four Stroke Series

MODELS – F200 / F150 / F115
Our best-selling In-Line Four series is versatile and lightweight. The new F200 amps up this powerful family even more, with its best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. However you spend your day on the water, count on a Yamaha In-Line Four to power the fun.


The Multi-Faceted Four Stroke Series

MODELS – F90 / F75 / F60 / F50 / F40 / F25
The good life starts with a Yamaha midrange four stroke. Available in a range of horsepower, there’s one that fits your brand of fun, whether it’s fishing with friends or cruising with the family. Quiet, clean-burning, fuel efficient and legendarily reliable, Yamaha’s midrange family is the perfect addition to any day on the water.

High Thrust

The Powerful Four Stroke Series

MODELS – T60 / T50 / T25 / T9.9
There are times when power and torque are more important than top-end speed, like when you’re pontooning or pushing a sailboat. For those applications, count on a Yamaha high thrust outboard. They deliver twice the thrust of comparable two strokes, and all the quiet, clean-burning fuel-efficient advantages of a four stroke.

Jet Drive

The Adventurous Four Stroke Series

MODELS – F150 / F115 / F90 / F60 / F40
Prop-free and powerful, Yamaha’s high thrust four strokes can go where no conventional outboard would dare. Their high-pressure jet nozzles give you the confidence to explore rapids, shoals, sand bars—all sorts of territory that would prove treacherous to a prop.


The Lightweight Four Stroke Series

MODELS – F20 / F15 / F9.9 / F8 / F6 / F4 / F2.5
Year after year, Yamaha portables seem to get more pint-sized and powerful. Ranging in horsepower from 20 all the way down to 2.5, you’re bound to find the perfect size for your application. They may be small, but they pack big performance, feature incredible torque, acceleration and top-end, and record-setting fuel efficiency.